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Entity Framework - initially - bkxxf column - blog Channel - CSD

In the.Net Framework SP1 Microsoft contains a solid framework (Entity Framework),Christian Louboutin Outlet, this framework can be understood as a product of Microsoft ORM.To support the development of personnel through the conceptual application model programming (but not directly on the relationship between storage architecture programming) to create data access application.
The goal is to reduce the data needed for the application code amount and reduce the maintenance work.Entity Framework application has the following advantages: applications to make use of more applications at the center of the conceptual model (including inheritance, complex members and the type of relationship to work).

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In 2012 06 filing - BuleRiver column - blog Channel - CSDN.NET

Has been a few be rather baffling telephone harassment, and bangs on the broken,christian louboutin uk, never ignore it, recent internet search,Christian Louboutin Outlet, but found that it was the same area,Christian Louboutin Sandales, ha ha, make a program to automatically answer,Christian Louboutin Pompes, also let them take the telephone fee.
It found that 2.3 of android.permission.MODIFY_PHONE_STATE permission has been modified,Louboutin Shoes, to get system permissions or signature for Google to use   Google can give me this small program signature!        ordinary application gone, there must be some possible application system.
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Software Rejuvenation - Guo Xiaolin Langfang Teacher's College s

Category: insertion sort                   insertion sort method:                                        .,christian louboutin shoes
The basic idea: enter a elements,Louboutin Pas cher, check array each element in the list, insert it into an already sorted sequence in the proper position,christian louboutin uk, so that the series still orderly,Louboutin Shoes, and when the last one element in the proper position,Louboutin Outlet, the array is sorted.
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Analysis of dynamic Java agent a - Zhao Dandan Langfang Teache

Java dynamicproxy mechanism in Java is an important design model ,will often use ,today I come to work together with you to break this important model .A why to use dynamic proxy mode is divided into static and dynamic proxy agent ,Louboutin Pas cher,we will have a dynamic proxy ,is because the static agent defects, such as static agents will have plenty of repetitive and code .
And our dynamic agent can pass through the LogHandler class to create a dynamic proxy class ,avoid to write individual agents and duplicated code .Two .The dynamic agent execution principle we first have a look a dynamic proxy small examples ,mainly has a client ,a LogHandler ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,an interface and interface implementation class :client :package com.
bjpowernode.pattern ;public class Client {public static void main ( args ) {// dynamic proxy LogHandler handler = new LogHandler ( ) ;/ / UserManager userManager dynamic instantiation proxy class = ( UserManager ) handler.
newProxyObject ( New ) UserManagerImpl ( ) ;userManager.test ( LogHandler :package ) ;}} com.bjpowernode.pattern ;import java.lang.reflect.InvocationHandler ;import java.lang.reflect.Method ;import java.
lang.reflect.Proxy ;public class LogHandler implements InvocationHandler private Object targetObject {// target object ;public Object newProxyObject ( Object targetObject ) {this.targetObject = targetObject ;return ( targetObject.
getClass ( Proxy.newProxyInstance ) .GetClassLoader ( targetObject.getClass ) ,.GetInterfaces ( ) ,Christian Louboutin Pompes,this ( ) ) ;}// is similar to Servlet filter doFilter, is a public Object invoke ( Object Pro interceptor XY ,Louboutin Outlet,Method method , args ) throws Throwable {System.
out.println ( &quot ;start--&gt ;&gt ;&quot ;method.getName ( + ) ) ;if ( args != null ) {for ( int i=0 ;i&lt ;args.length ;i++ ) {System.out.println ( ) ;Object RET = null try }} ;{// invoking the target object method (equivalent filter filterChain.
doFilter ) RET = method.invoke ( this.targetObject ,args ) ;System.out.println ( &quot ;success--&gt ;&gt ;&quot ;method.getName ( ) ) ;} catch ( RuntimeException E ) {System.out.
println ( &quot ;error--&gt ;&gt ;&quot ;method.getName ( + ) ) ;throw E ;}return ret ;package com.bjpowernode.pattern }} interface class ;public interface UserManager {public void test ( ) ;} package com.
bjpowernode.pattern public implementation class ;class UserManagerImpl implements UserManager {@Overridepublic test ( void ) {System.out.println ( &quot ;UserManagerImpl.test ) &quot ( ; }} it in a call to the process I have a blog mentions ,mostly two lines :1dynamic instantiationa proxy class called LogHandler newProxyObject newProxyObject calls the Proxy.
newProxyInstanc method E method 2 methodof the proxy class method userManager.test ( ) ;LogHandler trigger to call the invoke method in the LogHandler ;invoke method in the Method invoke method call ;Method invoke method in calling the UserManagerImpl test ( ) method ;I am opposite below one of several methods to explain :1 Proxy.
newProxyInstance( targetObject.getClass ( ) ( ) ,targetObject.getClass ( .GetClassLoader ) .GetInterfaces ( ) ,this ) ;this method has three parameters ,the first parameter ( targetObject.
getClass ) .GetClassLoader ( ) is to the target class ( namely UserManagerImpl ) load ;know of this class of agents to the agent who is .The second parameter targetObject.getClass ( ) .
GetInterfaces ( ) is to the target class interface clear ,christian louboutin uk,know the proxy class duties ,it requires the agent has what method ( agent is only to interface ) .The third parameter this (LogHandler class ) is for the invoke method call and prepared .
2.invoke ( Object proxy ,Methodmethod , args ) this method also has three parameters ,the first parameter proxy is acting class ( for this example it is instantiated dynamic proxy class userManager ) .
The second parameter method is acting class calling method .The third parameter args is the method parameters ,if the method without parameter for null .3.method.invoke ( this.targetObject ,args ) ;this method is called the true class methods ;the first parameter targetObject is the true class .
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Share work since I saw the computer books - wallwind column - bl

Since the task dependence has focused on the Linux under the c/c+ + programming work, so, my books are big are the side although the book is very classic, but my ability is limited, only the data structure of the look, the other at the very sweaty, so down, not how, hope in the future I ability up, we'll see.
This is a good book.Let you know the c+ + give exactly what you did, the compiler builds you those code, what is the influence of the C+ + efficiency.C+ + some realization mechanism, expression is very good,christian louboutin shoes, there are some examples,christian louboutin uk, to read a few times,,,, classics of natural needless to say, especially APUE this book to look not to know a few times.
Toss about to see.Oh,Christian Louboutin Pas cher, well, that of the two network programming idea.No in-depth look at.C+ + in two of the classic.Many entries.Many are very practical.The smooth look.Good many algorithms.Their implementation, improve ability.
This book I will probably look, usually with a lot of command, shell programming is not too deep, had time to further do not feel that this is very good, is my another of the THINKING IN JAVA seems to be very good, he puts a c+ + Java model.
, felt very general..My c+ + primer, a glance at the.Tutorial.Not recommended.University when buy, read a few chapters,Christian Louboutin Sandales, behind the assembly it cannot read, put down, has been placed next to, have time or have a look.
Company training books, Hou Jie's lecture.Well, there is a lot to learn.C+ + his father's book, very good, very good.Basic reading.Are before you go to bed half an hour to finish.On the c+ + a deep understanding of this is 值 was thinking and pondering.
Good agreement, all text, just look at some important sections.Other research and the United States it ecological history, envy.A few days ago to buy books, just to see the preceding chapter,Louboutin Outlet, just a hobby, not intended to further study.
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